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Bite Into It

8 thoughts on “ Bite Into It

  1. The dog’s been badly bitten by fleas. 3 NOT SLIP press hard [intransitive] HOLD STICK if an object bites into a surface, it presses firmly into it and does not move or slip bite into The hooves of the galloping horses had bitten deep into the soft earth.
  2. Please bite into the wax so it can make a mould of your teeth. Affondò i denti nella mela con forza. bite into [sth] vtr phrasal insep phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning, not divisible--for example,"go with" .
  3. Define bite into. bite into synonyms, bite into pronunciation, bite into translation, English dictionary definition of bite into. bite into. Translations. English: w>bite into vi +prep obj beißen in ; eindringen in ; sich hineinfressen in ; sich hineinbohren in.
  4. Byte Into IT Computer news, tech talk and opinionated chat with regular guests. Wednesday 7pm - 8pm. Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Warren Davies and Laura Summers.
  5. bite into (something or someone) 1. Literally, to clench between one's teeth, as of food. I can't wait to bite into my hamburger—I'm so hungry!
  6. Jun 23,  · Carpenter ant bites are also painful because they spray formic acid into the bite, which causes a burning feeling. Mite and Chigger Bites Cause Intense Itching. Michael Weber/Alamy.
  7. Bite was founded on the belief that a brighter smile doesn’t need to come at the expense of our bodies or the environment. Our daily habits matter, and the small changes we make together can add up to something big. Lindsay McCormick. CEO & Founder.
  8. Synonyms for bite into include sink your teeth into, bite, bite off, chomp, gnaw, masticate, nibble, erode, corrode and eat. Find more similar words at cauganetftelconscualgiestanpanrevulri.coinfo!

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